We earn so we may give. We aspire to be a positive global corporate citizen giving our compassion and respect to others.

We maintain a one-to-one giving ratio; for every dollar distributed as dividend in the earning activities, a corresponding dollar is devoted to philanthropy.

We believe in giving that is effective, strategic and driven by impact and we give without preference for religion, creed or belief. We give because we know there can be a relationship between the capacity to earn and the desire to give, and we believe in strengthening this relationship.

Since our founding in 1962, Giving has been at the core of all that we do. Over the years, I am proud to say that we have made the shift toward creating a positive social impact that is measurable.

H.E. Mr. Amr Al-Dabbagh


Club33 is dedicated to empowering the third generation of the Al-Dabbagh family. Members are encouraged to become responsible stakeholders, within their chosen fields, always guided by Omnipreneurship. Club33 offers its members expert coaching and training, professional opportunities, and a clear path to achieve success as accountable and empathic leaders.

Abdullah Al-Dabbagh Foundation

Abdullah Al-Dabbagh Foundation (ADF) supports the extended Al-Dabbagh family members and individuals within the community who need additional help. Its initiatives include health care programmes, art funding, financial aid and family support.

Philanthropy University

ADG operates Philanthropy University, a free online education platform that gives non-profit leaders access to courses and funding support to increase their impact. Each of our group companies develop and deliver their own giving activities. This allows each business to use their resources in ways that best benefit the communities most important to them.

Group vision:

By 2025 we will be ranked amongst the global top five wholly owned family businesses in impactful giving.

Group mission:

To impact 1 billion people through our C33, ADF and ADG’s verticals by 2025.

Our work so far

We give to many communities, generations and initiatives to ensure our work is as impactful and long lasting as possible. Here are some examples of our work.

Case study

Investing in future generations

Investing in youth education, especially young females, not only contributes to Group-wide goals but is also a manifestation of ADG’s decades-long commitment to creating multi-generational wealth.

IPD – Youth Employment

Case study

Leading change toward net zero and nature positive

Achieving the Group’s ambitions of net zero and nature positive cannot be done by our businesses in isolation. Dukan’s work to lead change and bring its customers with them, is an important part of creating the broader changes needed for us to be able to achieve our ambitions.

Dukan: Responsible Retail

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Encouraging innovative ideas

Achieving our ambitions to be net zero and nature positive by 2030 need Group-wide innovation, internally and externally. The Omnipreneurship Awards are the driving force of this innovation.

Omnipreneurship Awards – Innovation

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Saudi Arabians on the forecourt at Petromin

Saudization is an important part of building a more inclusive business, which helps take Al-Dabbagh Group closer to its 2025 target of being one of the top five wholly-owned family businesses contributing to the UN SDGs.

Petromin Stations: Local Employment