About us

By 2030, ADG will be listed amongst the global top 30 wholly-owned family businesses.

ADG’s homegrown philosophy, Omnipreneurship, is our corporate ecosystem, with the principles of Giving, Earning and Sustaining at the heart of our operations. It is holistic in nature, ensuring that we operate in a way that not just makes business sense, but that also keeps our communities and planet at the core of our every-day decisions.


Who we are

ADG is a private, family-owned business, founded in 1962 by His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh, former Agriculture Minister of Saudi Arabia. It is a diversified conglomerate, governed by our home-grown ecosystem, Omnipreneurship. It is made up of three principles (that provide balance), five values (the foundation of the ecosystem) and ten golden rules (the accelerators of the ecosystem). Our five values: Integrity, Respect, Forward-thinking, Teamwork and Passion are the standard to which we hold ourselves, across all our interactions.

What we do

ADG is made up of a range of strategic business verticals (food, mobility, retail, packaging and housing) and an incubation vertical. Each has a flagship company and altogether, we have established a global presence, with over 15,000 colleagues across 84 companies. Our  ecosystem, Omnipreneurship, is cascaded across all our group companies, to ensure happy, diverse, healthy and engaging workplaces for all our colleagues.


Our history

ADG would not exist as it currently does without the leadership of our visionary founder, His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh.

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Group Vision:

Through our Giving, Earning and Sustaining, we will be a positive global corporate citizen delivering impact for the greater good.

Group Mission:

By 2030, ADG will be listed amongst: the global top 30 wholly-owned family businesses; the global top 30 wholly-owned family businesses in terms of contribution to the SDGs and the global top 30 wholly-owned family businesses in terms of impactful giving.


Omnipreneurship is an entrepreneurial approach for every aspect of life. It incorporates the principles of giving, earning and sustaining. It is the guiding framework for all that we do across the group.


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