Slavery and Human
Trafficking Statement

Modern Slavery

As required by various global Modern Slavery Acts across our operations, this statement describes the steps Al Dabbagh Group has taken during 2022 to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our business or supply chains.

Group structure
Al Dabbagh Group operated six strategic business portfolios: food, housing, mobility, packaging, tech and retail, as well as our incubation portfolio. Each of those portfolios include businesses who work with suppliers and investors around the world. Founded in 1962, we are a private company headquartered in Jeddah, with 84 companies in 22 countries and some 15,500 employees.

Supply chain relationships
Given the nature of the broad services and products we provide, we have a complex supply chain model built around supporting our business and maintaining our global premises, systems and infrastructure. Safety is a core value of Al Dabbagh Group and an integral part of our culture. We are committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment for all with the appropriate safety procedures and policies in place on-site and within the community. And we are committed to supporting and empowering our workforce.

Our approach to combating modern slavery
We are absolutely committed to conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, and we expect the same high standards and commitment from those we do business with. We consider the risk of modern slavery existing within our business to be low, and we have never identified any examples of modern slavery within our business or supply chain, including within the last twelve months.

We have implemented a number of internal policies and procedures with the aim of ensuring that effective systems and controls are in place to prevent slavery and human trafficking from occurring in any part of our business. We promote a culture of integrity, and have established principles for how we deal with our suppliers, customers, employees and the public. These include the values and rules set out in our policies, which seek to foster a safe, healthy and productive workplace, and to maintain accountability at all levels of the organisation. Employees are encouraged to report any compliance concerns they may have to management.

We always take a risk-based approach to our assessment of suppliers. As our arrangements with suppliers come up for renewal, we will endeavour to include obligations in our commercial agreements requiring suppliers (and their sub-contractors) to comply with the Act. We will also endeavour to reserve audit and termination rights in our supplier agreements, for situations in which we have reasonable evidence to suggest that a supplier is in breach of the Act.

Awareness and training
We provide clear guidance to all employees regarding the high standards of professional behaviour we expect. Copies of these policies are given to new joiners, and we offer periodic training to our staff via OmniU, our online training business. We will continue to review and update these policies and procedures annually.