Greif Flexibles, the flagship company of the Packaging portfolio was created in 2010, as a 50/50 global Joint Venture between Al-Dabbagh Group and Greif Inc. Greif Inc. is a NYSE-listed and a global leader in the rigid packaging industry, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Greif Flexibles, with headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands, entered the global market through acquisitions of the top three industry players as well as a top distributor. This resulted in positioning Greif Flexibles as the global leader in its segment with a 10 per cent global market share. It has operations in over 20 countries and manufacturing plants in various countries including China, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico and USA.

Greif Flexibles currently provides flexible packaging and related services to industrial customers throughout the world. In particular Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, shipping sacks, multiwall bags, container liners, and other flexible industrial packaging and wood covers for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs as well as products from many other sectors.

Greif Flexibles’ long-term strategy is to continue strengthening its global position through further acquisitions combined with diversification into additional products with the aim of becoming the undisputed global leader in the industry by 2020.

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