Board of Directors

There are always connections between the different areas of our lives – Giving, Earning and Sustaining – and we need to see them as a whole rather than as separate streams. Our goals provide such unity, whether we are considering the individual, business, family or humanitarian need.

When we invest in children we plant the seeds of our own future. But of course we need to earn in order to invest in the future – it’s a fundamental rule of business. Our corporate platform is represented by Al-Dabbagh Group, where we operate five business portfolios: food, housing, petroleum and auto services, and packaging, plus an ‘incubation’ portfolio.

Al-Dabbagh Group is a family-owned business with its first company established in 1962. With its headquarters in Jeddah on the shores of the Red Sea, it employs in excess of 13,000 people globally through its 57 companies; with manufacturing presence in 35 countries and sales, services and projects in over 60 countries. Our founder’s original vision was to build a successful Saudi conglomerate that would contribute to the economic success of the nation and its people.

As an engineer, His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh understood manufacturing processes and brought a rigorous business intelligence to the Group. His personal focus was on agriculture, particularly the sustainable use of water, and he was always looking for innovation. He applied these interests to the Earning aspect of his philosophy. The resulting business owes much to his vision, but of course the group itself has changed significantly since inception. After all, one of his tenets to “Never fall in love with your assets” shows a business approach that is based on facts and objective analysis. This approach continues, as does the need to set clear goals.

Al-Dabbagh Group’s goal is to be one of the top 20 global family-owned businesses by 2020.