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Welcome to Al-Dabbagh Careers

The Mobility Portal is a job-boarding portal available to all ADG colleagues. The portal enables our colleagues to take charge of their careers, providing them a platform through which to fulfil their goals in terms of professional growth. The portal also allows for opportunities to expand on their current experience in different countries through working with various industries across the globe.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

Through Giving, Earning and Sustaining, we will be a positive global corporate citizen delivering impact for the greater good.

Our mission

Our home-grown philosophy, Omnipreneurship, is about reclaiming the characteristics of entrepreneurship such as pluck, competitiveness, a willingness to take risks, imagination, hunger, creativity, and most important, vision for the greater good.


Why should I apply?

There are several benefits to applying, including:

  • Colleagues will have the ability to actively manage their careers at ADG, accelerate their development and thrive financially in the process.
  • Colleagues will have the opportunity to relocate to a better location/city, and closer to their home country where ADG has an official presence.
  • Colleagues will have access to opportunities that will give them greater responsibility, greater leadership skills and increased visibility of their strengths and talents.
How do I apply?

Through the mobility portal, completing the form, and sharing CV.

Can I apply for any job in Al Dabbagh Group?

There are certain guidelines for applying and these will include:

  • Candidates can only apply to roles at their level or one level above.
  • Candidates must have the requisite qualification, skill sets, and track record of achievements within the Group.
  • Candidates were not subjected to disciplinary action in the past (2 years).
  • Candidates should have a rating of (Achieved) or above during the last two performance review cycles.
  • Candidates must have completed a minimum of 24 months in their current role before applying.
  • Candidates must be approved by the holding company.
Can I submit my CV more than once?

Candidates will need to submit their CV every time they apply for a job.

What happens when I apply and how do I get feedback?

Once you apply for the job, a notification will be sent to you via email confirming your application.  We will review your eligibility for the mobility program and position.  If you fulfill the requirements, your application will be sent to the recruitment team in the company where the vacancy resides.  The recruitment team will contact you regarding the next steps.

What does the interview process look like?

The recruitment team will contact you via phone to set up a date and time for the interview. The interview can be in person or through teams depending on the circumstances.

What happens after the interview?

If you did not pass the interview, an email will be sent to notify you.

If you passed the interview and got accepted, the transfer process will be as follows:

The selected candidate is to be released within 30 – 60 days post confirmation of the offer, to take up the new position. (Notice period as per contract may vary, what is important is the completion of the handover process).

The selected candidate will not be subjected to the 3 months’ probation period in his/her new place of employment.