Hydromin: Zero-carbon heavy transport

Hydromin has the solution

Enabling green hydrogen-powered heavy transport in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. From taxis and buses, to trucks and ships.

More cargo, less carbon

Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans to capture a third of global cargo, meaning a huge increase in overland heavy transportation is required. However, trucks are heavy carbon emitters which could put those growth plans at odds with the Saudi Vision 2030 decarbonization goals – unless there is a meaningful shift toward greener haulage and public transportation. Trucks and buses cannot be electrified in the same way as lighter vehicles as the batteries would be too heavy to be practical, but there is another solution: Green Hydrogen. However, it can only be a complete solution if it can be made commercially and operationally viable. Enter Hydromin.

Making the possible, possible

Hydromin was created to play a specific and crucial role in the decarbonization of heavy transportation. As part of the Petromin Corporation, Hydromin brings decades of industry expertise and a vast network of fuelling stations as well as existing leasing and maintenance solutions for commercial transporters. Quite simply, Hydromin understands the challenges of trucking, so with the sector facing its biggest challenge ever, they knew they had to be a leader in providing a solution. To aid decarbonzation there also needs to be a viable public transport solution. Hydromin is building an end-to-end solution for transporters and the public. Bringing together fledgling and fragmented industries and making them a commercial reality.