Al-Dabbagh Group would not exist as it currently does without the leadership of our visionary founder, His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh was honest, compassionate and selfless; always totally committed to his activities. As the third Minister of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia and the first Saudi agricultural engineer, he maintained his public servant’s character even after leaving office. His life was a constant process of finding ways to convert his activities – professional and personal – into outcomes that would benefit his family, and the Saudi nation and people at large, and finally those in the world whose lives his activities could touch. He was, simply stated, a humanitarian.

Our founder was devoted to cultivating Islamic ideals in his family and the most important of these were humility, tolerance, kindness and the responsibility for continual self-improvement and humanitarian generosity.

He was a man of many passions, particularly his faith and his family, including his extended family; a devoted father and husband who worked hard to ensure that members of his family were all given the best opportunities to succeed. He strove to give as much attention and affection as he was capable of giving, which was a considerable amount. He was passionate about education, and during a time when there were no girls’ schools in Saudi Arabia, he sent his daughters overseas to the best educational providers at the time. He also sent his sons overseas for the same reason, to ensure they were given access to the best state of education in the world at the time.

Our founder was a humble person and this journey played a large role in shaping that in him. Since its establishment in 1962, the Group has gone from a local start-up on the shores of the Red Sea, to a conglomerate whose corporate and philanthropic activities reach and touch the lives of millions of people worldwide.