Omnipreneurship & the Road to 2020

Al-Dabbagh Group is a family conglomerate, established in 1962 by His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh.  Al-Dabbagh Group and all its activities are governed by the Omnipreneurship ecosystem, made up of three principles and five values, fueled by the ten golden rules. Al-Dabbagh has launched 2020 goals, focused on achieving a ‘20×20’ target across these three principles, that are fueled by the Omnipreneurship ecosystem, and that propel us toward our goals. Read more about our governing ecosystem, below:

Omnipreneurship, an approach that includes the three Principles of Giving, Earning and Sustaining, five core values and 10 Golden Rules govern the Al-Dabbagh ecosystem. Al-Dabbagh has launched a 2020 goal focused on achieving a  ‘20×20’ target across these three principles that are fuelled by omnipreneurship which allows us to move forward towards our goals.