The Omnipreneurship Awards

By Sahar Taleb, Chief Omnipreneurship Officer, ADG

The past few months have been eventful in the world of Omnipreneurship, in a very good way! We have launched our much anticipated Omnipreneurship Awards Program.

To thrive in a competitive market, every organization must understand its area of operations, including the challenges that come with it. Change is inevitable, and all organizations must be willing and prepared to adapt to that change. ADG is doing just that that, through the Omnipreneurship Awards Program. The overall goal of the program is to strengthen the understanding of Omnipreneurship philosophy and to create value for our companies and our communities. We plan to engage all 16,000 of ADG global colleagues in our companies with internal award campaigns asking them to come up with innovative solutions using the Omnipreneurship ingredients. To do this, we are partnering with HYPE who will create an Enterprise Collaborative Innovation Platform for ADG to help us finding solutions inside ADG Group.

We will also launch one external Award, a crowdsourcing based innovation contest to solve a global challenge which will produce innovative technologies that will revolutionize outcomes in one of the ADG portfolios. This is an “innovation initiative” in partnership with NineSigma, an established value in the Open Innovation space. NineSigma is supporting ADG with this program, where ADG will be looking externally for solutions to solve technical challenges that business units are facing. NineSigma will connect ADG to a network of various innovators (start-ups, SME’s, universities) through their innovation platform, NineSights.

What is this Omnipreneurship Awards Sustainability Branch?

Throughout the next 5 years, NineSigma and ADG’s companies will launch various innovation challenges. They will fall under The Omnipreneurship Awards: Sustainability Branch challenges and the external Gallery Challenges.

External innovators, called solution providers’, could submit their innovative solutions to solve the Sustainability Branch challenge or the External Gallery challenges.

The Omnipreneurship Awards: Sustainability Branch is a very driven and ambitious challenge, with a prize of USD$1 million for those who provide innovative, forward-thinking and viable solutions to one specific challenge. Not only will finding a solution to a technical challenge have a significant impact on the company’s business: it will also have a positive social and/or environmental impact on the business’ communities. For the coming five years, a challenge of this nature will be launched by ADG. ADG ran several internal challenges which led to an internal CEO pitch competition where we asked our CEOs to share innovative, ambitious, and sustainable ideas which will lead to a new stream of revenue. The competition ended with anonymous voting system that chose our winner for 2020.

This year, we are happy to announce, Tanmiah Food Group (TFC) have been selected to launch the Sustainability Branch challenge. They will be seeking proposals that provide solutions for creating carbon negative processing of poultry manure into valuable products for other areas of TFC’s business, as well as the for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally.

The Omnipreneurship Awards: Gallery Challenges

The Gallery Challenges will also give the opportunity for ADG’s companies to connect and engage with the external innovator community. This will be done through the Grand Challenge Gallery, where business units will be able to seek solutions of a more short to medium term nature (6 months – 2 years). Throughout the course of the year, various challenges will be posted in the gallery, and solution providers will have the chance to propose ideas to those challenges. The incentives to respond to the gallery challenges are the potential opportunities to collaborate with one of ADG’s companies.

By the end of August, the first challenges will be launched. ADG companies will invite the public to offer solutions to the external challenges as well as Tanmiah’s Sustainability Branch challenge, around which there will be social media messaging, press releases, and full communications efforts