The Ecosteam Carwash

By Shohaib Jawad, Head of Strategy, Petromin

Everyday across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thousands upon thousands of cars go through standard car-washing services. Each one of those washes consumes 100-125 litres of water. Not only that, harsh chemicals are also used in the process and a large volume of water resources are wasted.

Over the past period, Petromin has taken the opportunity to experiment with a newly developed technology that uses steam instead of water for car-wash services. Not only was the steam system effective in cleaning cars, it used a significantly smaller amount of water per wash: 4-5 litres – saving an astounding 100 litres of water per wash. After the initial testing, the eco-steam carwash has been rolled out across 300 of our Petromin Express outlets, with more to come.

Aside from the important and obvious environmental benefits, the eco-steam carwash also allows for saving time and money for a deeper cleaning; more cars are able to get washed in a shorter period of time. The steam easily cleans delicate and sensitive surfaces that are often difficult to clean with other methods. It is also an extremely mobile service; we are now putting plans in place to add this service to our Mobile Van Quick Service operations.

Moreover, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the eco-steam car wash has innate hygiene and sanitization benefits. With prolonged use over time, bacteria and viruses become resistant to treatment by chemical products. However, pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of vapour cleaning. Unlike other cleaning methods, vapour is able to enter into all surface cracks and crevasses.

The eco-steam carwash has allowed Petromin to incorporate a value-added service to our already existing offerings across Petromin Express and Petromin Autocare facilities. As importantly or even more so, it allows us to play a role in contributing to creating a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet.