In our efforts to sustain the family, we focus on both governance and culture as they are vital for maintaining what our Founder built. Sustaining people includes: our shareholders, colleagues, partners and customers.

With shareholders, and to address governance, we have the “Family Protocol”, a 24-chapter book used by the shareholders – essentially the family members – to establish a finish line for the family, one that would assure that love prevailes, and that would deter any disputes and conflicts resulting from financial or material concerns. This document provides a framework for existing and future generations to use to govern the Al-Dabbagh ecosystem.

In terms of the culture, we have the Club 32 Initiative, representing the thirty-two members of the third generation of the Al-Dabbagh family. Club 32 ensures that future generations of the family are responsible stakeholders of the three principles. We do this by endowing Club 32 Initiative members with the skills and traits needed to become positive global citizens and strike a sense of harmony and balance in their lives by focusing on ten areas of their life and setting short and life-term goals. We host the annual Familypreneurship Forum in a different location each year, which brings together Club 32 members and their families for a retreat that allows them to connect, refresh their life plans and learn from leadership and innovation experts with bespoke programs.

The Club 32 initiative aims to cultivate at least 20 success stories by 2020.

As for people at Al-Dabbagh Group, sustaining extends to every single person. A cornerstone of our sustaining value chain is a corporate wellness programme that aims to foster a culture of wellness and happiness. We believe that our team’s wellbeing is essential to a positive, productive and vibrant environment and we are piloting the Be Well initiative, to achieve that.

We have designed the initiative to consider wellness on an organisational level, which includes office spaces, and the individual level which includes spouses who are keen to enhance their wellness through e-coaching, food plans and wellness tips.

The Be Well initiative aims to have a 100% conversion rate across all Group companies by 2020.

We also bring together the best and brightest of Al-Dabbagh Group along with our top clients and partners at our annual Omnipreneurship Forum which focuses on delivering a rigorous program designed by London Business School that provides an academic grounding for the principles, values and rules of Omnipreneurship and presents it as a catalyst towards achieving our 2020 goals while empowering our talent with knowledge and strategic thinking.