Ramadan Giving at Dukan

Helder Miguens: Chief Operating Officer, Green Investments

The spirit of charity continues this Ramadan season at Dukan. While last year saw Dukan focussing on delivering food baskets to those most in need during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year has a slightly different way of giving back.

As with last year, Dukan has partnered with 5 renowned local charities: Nama’a Charity, AlBir Charity in Jeddah, AlFaisalyah Charity, Daam Charity and AlBir in Wadi Bani Amir. Through this collarboration, Dukan has been selling card & e-vouchers.

These are mutli-use cards and e-vouchers that can be topped up with a balance at the users request. In addition to the standard Dukan card, we are also collaborating with a third party, Manafith, on this initiative. Manafith has created a system enabling charities to control the debit cards or e-vouchers that are specifically made for their beneficiaries. In both cases, the charity purchases these cards and provides it to their beneficiaries.

As the initiative gained traction and proved that it was truly effective, we decide to expand it by including the private sector in the equation; why would we only limit ourselves to use charities for support, when we can also use the wider support of our communities. In order to do so, we have now begun to sell cards to businesses with over 10,000 employees, businessmen and individuals. In this context, the card has multiple uses: as a donation given to beneficiaries; personal use and companies can give it to their employees as a benefit. We are proud to say that to date, we have managed to impact 150,000 people through this initiative and are excited to continually develop and enhance it, to grow that number.