Al-Dabbagh Group’s Incubation portfolio has entered the Discount Retailing sector under the Dukan brand. Discount retailing, a new concept for KSA, is a mature format in Europe and North America, with phenomenal success stories like Aldi in Germany and Bim in Turkey.

At its core, Discount Retailing aims to provide high quality products at low prices. Such a proposition is further augmented by a portfolio of private label products.

The concept differentiates itself by removing most of the frills of typical retailing, like a plethora of similar products or confusing promotions. Simplicity lies at the core of this concept: the customer is presented with a well laid out store with consistent, everyday low prices.

Unlike a typical ‘big box’ retail store with thousands of items, Dukan aims to provide a limited but well curated selection of frequently sought day to day grocery products for every home through a large network of conveniently located small to medium sized stores in all major cities.

Dukan aims to have the largest hard discount retail network in the MENA region by 2020. Today Dukan is rapidly expanding by opening two new outlets every week. Not only will this provide customers with a fresh and viable alternative for their daily shopping, but also create thousands of jobs.

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