Philanthropy University + OneValley

Nikhil Sinha: CEO, OneValley & Philanthropy University

Six years ago, Philanthropy University (PhilU) was launched by signing a strategic alliance with University of Berkeley with the aim of impacting 100 million individuals by 2020.  In the past six years PhilU has served over 250,000 individuals in over 35,000 organizations supporting an overall population of over 250 million. It has created dozens of high-quality courses endorsed by top institutions and developed a world class content and community platform with a number of vibrant social impact communities. These impressive outcomes have been achieved by the committed, dedicated and talented PhilU team and supported by the PhilU Board of Directors contributions from Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG).

Over the past six months, the Group has conducted an in-depth strategic analysis to determine the most effective mechanism for PhilU to achieve its important mission of enabling the social impact sector to impact a billion people in a financially sustainable manner.   As a result of this analysis, the Group has decided to combine PhilU’s assets and operations with those of OneValley.  OneValley is a Bay Area based global entrepreneurship company in which the Al Dabbagh Group already has an investment.  The merger will be effected by OneValley purchasing the operating assets of PhilU concurrently with ADG, making a significant new equity investment in OneValley to support the growth of the combined Company.

The merger of OneValley and PhilU provides a unique opportunity to build a global, integrated entrepreneurship platform combining OneValley’s Passport services and resources platform and PhilU’s learning and content platform.  The merger of the two organizations will create an end-to-end entrepreneurial community management platform with community and networking, courses and learning resources, business and technology services, access to donors/investors and access to mentors and experts.  The combined company will serve the general population of entrepreneurs with a special focus on social entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

The merger will benefit PhilU by expanding the services and resources it can offer its social impact community and by giving it access to the features, functionality, services and resources already developed by OneValley to serve entrepreneurs. The merger will allow PhilU to become part of a broader entrepreneurship focused company that is fast developing as the world’s largest entrepreneurial community. For OneValley, the merger will strengthen its learning platform and content resources through access to the platform and content already developed by PhilU. It will also give access to its users as well as the members of its over 200 online communities to this content. In addition to the revenue synergies, a merger will allow for the integration and rationalization of the merged company’s cost structure and the leveraging of each-others leadership teams.

 We are optimistic that this merger will prove to be one that is not only beneficial to both PhilU and OneValley, but that it is also a union which will positively impact and further empower our combined communities.