Petromin Express 2.0 & The Tipping Point

Tariq Javed, VP Petromin Express

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence—it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” — Peter Drucker.

The life cycle of any product or service comes a point where it reaches the stage where it’s distinctive advantage starts to fade out, or perhaps the “job to be done” that once existed from a customer’s lens has changed. This stage – which is no less than a tipping point – requires the business to re-innovate and search for the next blue ocean idea to develop its new market space. That is how Project PE 2.0 got its start.  

What is PE 2.0?

PE 2.0 is a customer-centric approach to redefine the overall Petromin Express service proposition and enhance customer experience. It uses our existing network strength, brand equity, experience and innovative business approach to specifically target the right customer and audience.

 The project is built upon five main cornerstones with each further having its distinct milestones

  • Digital Transformation

With technology being at the core of every future ready organization and data said to be the next oil, PE 2.0 is embedding digital solutions, Advance analytics and AI technology to draft the future digital strategy, operating model, process controls and business growth plan for PE.

  • Superior Customer Experience

Restructuring the end-end customer journey both online & offline to involve enhanced experience at every touchpoint. Starting from customer profile specific interactions on the online channels, friendly reminders, Chatbot interactions, up to eliminating pain points using EVHC generated service recommendations, digital invoicing and payment solutions. A new outlook of PE stations has also been launched as an iconic location of future auto service centres.

  • Business Value Maximization

The magnitude of business potential with PE and the opportunities for business at our 650+ vast network are limitless. Increasing top-line with multi service proposition, engaging suppliers as partners to extract max. value, cost optimization, price repositioning, service package enhancement and additional secondary revenue streams are some of the key subsegments in this category.

  • Network Rationalization

While the network size is a competitive advantage, it can also become a liability. With objective to ensure optimum network size and right placement of our stations to maximize operating profits and check costs, an intelligent network optimization digital program is being developed as part of PE 2.0.  

  • Cultural Shift

People are always the most critical component of any business. Attitude, skills, efficiency as well as controls are key area focus area of projects set up in this specific corner stone.

Over the years, Petromin Express has been the pioneer in quick auto service segment in Saudi Arabia. Initially, the service center launched as a quick oil and filter change service, and slowly but surely expanded manifold to become the largest network globally outside the United States. With PE 2.0 in operational, the business is preparing to disrupt this market once again.