#OmniAwards Sustainability Challenge: The Shortlist

Sahar Taleb: Chief Omnipreneurship Officer, ADG

Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG) is always on the look-out for the “Next Big Thing” and is a firm believer in another of our Omnipreneurial golden rules, “Collaborate to Accelerate”. Working with those outside of our Group companies allows us to gather different perspectives, fresh ideas and innovative solutions to some of our challenges.

In 2020, Tanmiah Food Company (TFC) launched a grand challenge seeking new uses and processing technologies for the waste generated by their farms. Their goal was that the waste produced becomes useful raw materials that can be used in other processes or high added value products for their core business.

Fresh thinking about the uses and the value of the waste could lead to new business models or cost-effective solutions that will make TFC’s waste valuable and promote environmentally friendly reuse or recycling of the generated waste streams.

The focus of this challenge was to find a solution that will process chicken farm waste in a cost-effective, commercially viable manner to create a positive impact on TFC as a corporate entity, on the environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ultimately global ecosystem.

The sustainability grand challenge came to a close mid-December with over 90 proposals from all over the world. After reviewing the proposals, the internal Jury team chose top 10 proposals that were shared with an external team of experts from different back grounds to choose the top 5.

In April 2021, ADG were happy to announce the five shortlisted organizations:

KAUST: Led by Mani Sarathy In collaboration with Bruce Cowley from the company INSECTUM. Their Solution is based on the integration of BSF treatment with Pyrolysis. The Valuable output includes: Bio-fuels, lubricants, additives, Proteins, Chitin/ chitosan, Biochar & Bio-Oil.

Polymeron (KAUST):  Led by CEO Rodrigo Jimenez (Co-founder) and Dr Noor Zaouri GM and Co-founder. Their Solution based on Pyrolysis. The Valuable output include: Biochar for bio carbon-based materials such as soil improvers, biopolymers, Bio-oil for Bio-based polymers or Bio-Fuel, and Syngas for the Pyrolysis process.

Proteinea: Led by Mahmoud El Jendy. Their solution is based on using an Insect-based biotechnology platform. The Valuable output include Bio-Oil, Chitin, Bio fertilizers, and Industrial enzymes and bio fertilizers

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Led by  Cheng Tung Chong, Associate professor China-UK Low Carbon College. Their Solution is  called CLYMATE+ which is  based on Catalytic Microwave pyrolysis technology. The Valuable output include: Biochar, Biogas, Bio-Oil, Phenol.

Currently, TFC and ADG are working hard with the winning teams on testing their solution prototypes. Once completed, the final $1 million winner for 2020’s challenge will be chosen, paving the way for another exciting year for the Sustainability Grand Challenge!