Internal Omnipreneurship Awards: The Highlights

Oana-Maria Pop: HYPE Innovation

After a successful start in Q4, 2020, the Internal Omnipreneurship Awards are continuing in a format that retains the best practices from the previous quarter and builds in new elements too.

            In 2020, the Internal Awards programme focused on laying the groundwork for a portal that will become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and value creation. It did so by working at the intersection of Omnipreneurship and Innovation. More specifically, the Internal Awards program looked to cement the understanding of Omnipreneurship as a philosophy, and also helped teams of innovators across ADG to put Omnipreneurship principles, values and golden rules into practice.

Continuing to build on the initial groundwork

The success of these initial steps was very encouraging and led to a more widespread awareness of that the Internal Awards stand for. As part of this journey, teams comprised of the Omnipreneurship Council Members, the Innovation Project Managers and the IT Managers, continue to schedule training sessions and seminars, to create posters, infographics and videos, and to help translate and communicate each Award description into 4 languages: Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Tagolog. In doing so, the Internal Awards in 2021 have become more inclusive.

This year, even more so that last year, everyone is invited to help solve exciting challenges and to enjoy attractive prizes offered to all Omnipreneurs and innovators. Prizes once again include smart devices but uniquely, they also include innovation education – via courses from Harvardx and MITx.

What are the objectives for 2021?

In 2021, the main objectives of the Internal Omnipreneurship Awards include:

  • higher engagement across different geographies, specialities, and sister companies
  • easier access to portal – via continuous training and support
  • focus on active participation (and not just content browsing)
  • coverage of all 18 Omnipreneurship ingredients (up from 5 ingredients last year)
  • deeper connection to strategy and the UN sustainable development goals
  • demonstration of value at each step of the way – via continuous monitoring of idea quality and path to implementation

Themes in March and April

On March 8th, two new Internal Omnipreneurship Awards went live, creating excitement and generating a wealth of valuable insights. These Awards included:

  • The Earning Award “How might we create more value from existing assets across ADG?” (176 ideas and 681 comments) – sponsored by Kalyana Sivagnanam, CEO at Petromin Corporation
  • The Delight the Stakeholders Award “What would convince you to do your daily grocery shopping at Dukan?” (322 ideas and 1656 comments) – sponsored by Dan Cristea, General Manager at Dukan

The influx of ideas was an absolute record! Throughout May 2021, the evaluation teams at Petromin (for the Earning Award) and at Dukan (for the Delight the Stakeholders Award) will therefore focus on identifying the top submitters and on rewarding them accordingly. The biggest reward, perhaps, is the chance for that idea to see the light of day – though active implementation.

Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, we also saw the Giving Award on the portal, sponsored by Philanthropy University. The title of this Award was “Give, Grow, Gain: How can your organisation give continuously while earning and sustaining at the same time?”. We anxiously look forward to the winners of this category!

Going beyond ideation

Clearly, the Internal Omnipreneurship Awards are just as much about cementing the understanding off the Omnipreneurship ingredients as they are about collaborative solution finding. To ensure that not just winning ideas find a path forward, a new “valorization process” has been put in place. As part of this process, CEOs and Omnipreneurship Council members were invited to run an additional triage of ideas received in the 2020 edition of the Awards. As they do this, thy will look for ideas that are generally relevant to the business, that could fit the short medium and long term strategy, and that meet a host of basic criteria such as viability and feasibility.  Those whose ideas are selected will be contacted directly and supported too work on prototypes.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you soon!