Empowering Businesses, One Learner at a Time

Sahar Taleb, ADG Chief Omnipreneurship Officer

At Al-Dabbagh Group, we are all about setting ambitious goals and targets. One of our most ambitious targets yet is  to influence one billion Omnipreneurs, globally. In order to realize this, we keep our eyes open to ideas which will help increase the appeal and spread of the tried and tested omnipreneurial ecosystem. Once identified, we zone in on designing and implementing them, using the principles, values and golden rules of the ecosystem. The Omniprenerurship Academy is one of these ideas, and it takes its roots in our central principle; Giving.

The Omnipreneurship Academy is a newly established online training platform, with the core mission of empowering users and learners to live their best lives, with the ecosystem as a their framework. The platform offers developmental programs that are relevant to our ever-changing, fast paced world. The platform will provide those who are part of the 30×30 initiative both online and offline training. The objective of the 30×30 (Omnipreneurship in A Box) initiative aims to create 30,000 job opportunities for the Saudi youth by establishing and incubating 10,000 start-ups. In addition to this, Omnipreneurship Academy will provide support to ensure these business owners are able to operate their endeavours in a sustainable manner. This support will take the form of a hybrid of vocational & behavioural training courses.

The behavioral content will be delivered online using a self-paced model, where every participant will have the opportunity to initiate and complete the courses according to their individual time and schedule. This content will include two Omnipreneurship courses:

Omni 101: A basic introduction and overview of the Omnipreneurship ecosystem. The content of this course will be open to all (not restricted to ADG colleagues or franchisees) and will be delivered in a simple and easy to understand format. Upon completion of the Omni 101 course, participants should be aware of the framework, its elements, and how they synergize to help individuals live a life of meaning.

Omni 102: Building on the Omni 101 knowledge, Omni 102 will focus more on the business applications of the Framework. In particular, it will look at how the Values and Golden Rules can be utilized in managing one’s day-to-day career.

In addition to the omni-focused courses, the academy will design, create, and offer business specific content focusing on the following from ADG business portfolios: retail, gas stations and auto-care. This content will be based on the operational needs of each business and will utilize a blended learning approach to deliver the material. That is, the content will be delivered in both online and on-the-job format. The objective of this material is to prepare our new partners and business owners to  carrying out their roles and fulfilling their career objectives.

The Academy will initially develop content for Petromin Express, Petromin Fuel, Primo, and Dukan. Once our mission starts to materialize locally, will expand our giving arm with the ambition to reach everyone across the world.

To better realize our mission and develop a sustainable academy, we followed one of the ecosystem’s golden rules: “collaborate to accelerate”. We formed partnership with local and foreign firms to provide us with their knowledge and guidance as subject matter experts. Our local partner, LAMAS Consulting, are assisting us in developing the training content and providing valuable guidance in shaping the academy and Omni in a Box program, while our tech partner, Philanthropy University, are providing the content hosting platform and technical expertise in structuring online courses.

Our giving does not stop at the academy. Thus, we would like to offer to those of you that successfully complete the program the opportunity to become one of the Greatest Among Us! This will be done by enrolling you in a world-class leadership program with one of the following institutions: Disney Institute, Duke University, or the University of Michigan. We aim that by giving you the needed support, you will be in position to give others in return and share your story.