Dukan’s Local Mission

Ahmed AlKaf, Projects Manager, Dukan

At the height of the pandemic, Dukan took on an essential role in support of our local communities; providing food baskets filled with daily essentials and fresh food for families most in need. In collaboration with several various local charities, Dukan took on the role of getting these items to those who needed it most, at a time that was (and still is in some cases) challenging our world.

As a continuation of Dukan working to play a positive and responsible role, the form of support has now taken a slight turn. Working with the very same charities, Dukan now has plans to launch a magnetic card program in partnership with charities.

Using our omnipreneurial principles of giving, earning and sustaining as the foundation for this initiative, Dukan will give the charities we have partnered with preferential pricing for products purchased at dukan, through the creation of a magnetic card system. The way the card works can vary; after creating charity specific cards, some charities are able to connect their system to ours and we then coordinate. There is another form of the cards; we print the cards in house with our IT and Finance team and each beneficiary receives individual cards with a certain amount, that can be recharged and topped up.

With this endeavour, our goal is to reach 2.5 million beneficiaries by 2025. We have a clear,  purposeful and ambitious mission ahead of us: one that we are determined to reach.