Dukan Food Relief

By Yilmaz Bulun, Chief Purchasing Officer Dukan

In the spirit of Giving, Dukan launched our Ramadan package project in 2019. We wanted to create a way for communities in the Kingdom support less privileged families by providing those most in need with essentials for the Ramadan season.

After the success of the project in 2019, this year we further developed it into a fully-fledged initiative, whereby we partnered with local charitable organizations. The project “4+1” worked to reach as many as possible, by leveraging the already-existing networks of various organizations in Makkah and Jeddah. For every 4 boxes donated by customers through the charities we partnered with, Dukan contributed an additional basket. The response to this initiative was overwhelming, resulting in over 100,000 food-baskets reaching families in need. For 2021, we will continue to expand the project by expanding the number of charities we will be collaborating with.

Like all companies across the globe, Dukan’s work was not unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought grief and tragedy to families and presented uncountable challenges to businesses worldwide. This year, the height of the pandemic coincided with Ramadan, making our Dukan food basket initiative all the more crucial to get essentials to the most vulnerable. With giving and charity at the heart of Islam, all of us at Dukan were humbled and privileged to be able to support our local communities.