Dukan 2.0

Helder Miguens: Chief Operating Officer, Green Investments

This quarter we excitedly opened our first Dukan 2.0 store. In rolling out these new, revamped Dukans, we aim to offer our customers not only proximity and competitive prices, but to also satisfy their daily needs, with a variety of fresh products, complete assortment and our very own brand.

You can spot the difference right away when you walk in to our Dukan 2.0 store. We have rolled out a higher standard for the presentation of fruits & vegetables, where customers are able to hand-pick the quantity of the items they need. The fresh poultry and meat section has also received an upgrade, with more variety in it’s offerings. Perhaps most notable is the launch of a fresh, in-store bakery – a completely new addition to Dukan – offering a variety of freshly baked cakes, bread and croissant to choose from. These changes, additions and upgrades, many are seeing Dukan as a brand reborn.

The physical layout and design of the store itself has also been given a face-lift. In an effort to shift away from the grey more demure colours, we have created larger front store windows, allowing an elevation of natural light into the store, combined with our enhanced internal lighting. To ease customer’s experience and line-waiting time, we have included within the store three points of sale, to make checking-out ever more convenient and quick.