Art, Well-Being & the Office

Lana Ayoub, ADG Communications Manager

It is by now a well-established notion (based on various psychological studies) that art in the work place has many benefits. From elevating performance and uplifting moods to creating stronger bonds amongst colleagues, art can alleviate stress and be a conversation starter for guests.

Let’s face it, even if we love our place of work offices can sometimes be home to infinite amounts of stress: pressure to meet deadlines, long hours of focusing, tension… the list could go on. Being able to take a break and tune out, even if just for a few minutes, is essential. When feelings of exhaustion or burn out kick in, taking a time out to look art work can raise serotonin levels that leads to an increase in feeling happiness, lowering anxiety and improving memory along the way.

At Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG), we take the wellbeing of our colleagues to heart; when our people do well and thrive, so does ADG. We are also fortunate enough to have our very own corporate art collection, which saw us welcome some additional pieces throughout 2020. Aside from the aesthetic upside, the art work is placed strategically to allow people to take a mental break. As in various healthcare institutions, art is used to lower stress, anxiety and fatigue. However, it can also stimulate sharper processing of information. This past year, we have welcomed new additions (pictured above) including pieces by local talents, to our collection: some jarringly representative of the year we’ve had and others, a respite from it. As we continue to expand our art collection, not only will it serve to provide relief to our everyday office grind; it also serves as an endowment for the long-term funding of our group Giving activities.