The Three Principles

The three principles of the Al-Dabbagh ecosystem are Giving, Earning and Sustaining and with each principle linked to a specific platform to operate from.

Everything we do revolves around our Giving principle. Al-Dabbagh maintains a one-to-one ratio; for every dollar distributed as dividend in the Earning activities, a corresponding dollar is devoted to philanthropy.

Our route for Giving is Stars Foundation LTD, the Group’s global philanthropic arm, with a subsidiary in the US.  The Group has also established a Stars Foundation as a registered independent charity status in the United Kingdom. We believe in giving that is effective, strategic and driven by impact. Four independent philanthropic initiatives address different levels of the giving value chain but when combined, support our mission to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Stars Foundation Ltd. oversees four independent initiatives Stars Foundation Awards, Philanthropy University, the Game-Changing Initiatives and the Centers of Excellence Grants.

We give without preference for religion, creed or belief. We give because we know there can be a relationship between the capacity to earn and the desire to give, and we believe in strengthening this relationship.

This matters to the individual but it also matters to the world. We do not see ourselves as ‘donors’ but as responsible global citizens. our aim is to create and partake in initiatives with measurable impact for a better world..

Stars Foundation’s aim is to support the lives of 100 million children and their communities by 2020 through its various initiatives.

In our corporate platform – which represents the principle of Earning – Al-Dabbagh Group is a family business headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh, a former Minister of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, established the first company of Al-Dabbagh Group in 1962. Al-Dabbagh Group is comprised of five business portfolios including Food, Petroleum & Auto Services, Housing, Packaging and an Incubation portfolio. Al-Dabbagh Group and its subsidiary companies currently employ over 15,000 employees worldwide with businesses that span the globe with ever expanding horizons as we move towards 2020. We aim to be ranked amongst the top 20 wholly-owned global family businesses by 2020 through the expansion of our five portfolios.

The Group aims to achieve its corporate 20×20 goal by focusing efforts on identifying and developing globally recognized businesses in the four strategic business portfolios through joint ventures, M&A activities and organically aggressive expansion. We will do this with a team of leaders that rely on a simple combination of professional management, measured risk taking and entrepreneurial practices to tackle the complex challenges of sustaining competitive and innovative businesses in the global marketplace.

To ensure the long-term continuity and sunstainability of both the Giving and the Earning, Al-Dabbagh is committed to the third principle of Sustaining.

People, planet, philanthropy and profit. These are the four P’s through which we consider our principle of Sustainability, and they demand constant innovation. While profit and philanthropy are covered in the Giving and Earning principles, people & planet come together to shape our sustainability initiatives.

In all our Sustaining activities, we are principally concerned with continuity and the promise of maintaining the balance between our Giving and Earning in perpetuity.

Our Sustaining addresses various stakeholders of our ecosystem: the shareholders of Al-Dabbagh Group, the family members; the people of Al-Dabbagh Group, colleagues, collaborators and customers as well as an array of activities that are geared towards sustaining our planet.

These three principles come together to represent the strategic direction of Al-Dabbagh with the distinct understanding that it is giving, and not earning, that brings people together.