The Ten Golden Rules

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Al-Dabbagh Group approaches experience as an opportunity to add value to change in everything we do. The Ten Golden Rules are a way to structure our activities toward achieving the success we desire in the three principles of Giving, Earning, and Sustaining.

Rule number 1 is the foundation for all succeeding rules. “I Aim, Therefore I Am” is about beginning with the end in mind. ‘It helps us link our goal with the very purpose of our existence.’

When we “Design Organically”, we empower our initiatives with unlimited potential by freeing them from outside limitations. An organic organization is more adaptable, more openly communicative, and more effective.’

Rule number 3, “The Greatest Among You” suggests we surround ourselves with those whose skills and gifts will enhance our own performance. ‘‘Supporting every great leader is an even greater leader.”

If our goal is ambitious we surely cannot achieve it alone. Everybody is a potential friend as we strive to achieve our high targets, and therefore we “Collaborate to Accelerate.”

Honey as Money” propels us beyond thinking in Dollars, Euros and Yen. “Honey as Money” is what happens when you add the currency of ideas, expertise, community, events, and crowds to the traditional measurement of value.

Delight the Stakeholder.” ‘You will delight stakeholders by being an aggressive listener, and by moving mountains for them. A delighted stakeholder will help you achieve your own ambitious goal.

When nothing is impossible, when fear does not inhibit, and when recklessness is restrained by safety valves embedded in the system, we achieve the “No Risk, No Gain” state of mind.

In order to ensure our strategies are effective, we have Rule number 8 “Exceptional Execution” because even the best strategies will fail if they are not properly executed.

Rule number 9 is “Share Your Story.” Success can be accelerated by how well audiences understand your narrative. Share the story of your struggles and achievements to engage others. Storytelling will speed your progress toward the goal.

We “Imagine the Next Big Thing” because in our very being is the need to regularly innovate.